holy cow, a new video from @lanadelrey! #BurningDesire. today the music gods have decided to bless us with new videos.

the music god heard my prayer and dropped the video for Lana Del Rey’s “National Anthem” with A$AP Rocky n ish. Now, let’s hope that a remix will soon follow with A$AP himself!


The KickDrums feat Lana Del Rey & Asap Rocky (In Studio Preview)

This is something I’ve tweeted about endlessly, Lana Del Rey’s vocals with a hip-hop beat as the backdrop and The KickDrums heard my cry! Praise Allah.

This is dope shit so press play.


After watching “Video Games,” by Lana Del Rey, this winter break I was instantly captivated! Last week I fell in love again, but this his harder with the music video for “Born To Die” directed by Yoanne Limoine. The video for “Born To Die” screamed cinema; it was grand, precise, well-calculated and kept you staring all 4:47 seconds.

While in schock and fascinated with my explosive interest in Lana I came across this interview package from Myspace; they captured it all.